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Hey guys so this is my first blog post i’m sorry its not going to be perfect but bare with me ill try my best. so i’m going to be talking about my skin issues and my holy grail products.

I struggle with my skin a lot and believe me i’ve tried EVERYTHING from products, hacks to even diet changes, as you can imagine the last one didn’t last very long, but now i’m happy with what i’m doing and have accepted my skin the way it is. I know a lot of you may also struggle with skin issues and yeah its a pain i know but theres no product out there that is going to make them disappear, but if you do have one please let me know! I know i spend a lot on skincare and its stupid in out lifetime the amount of money we’ve probably spent on it we could of gone on holiday instead! Ok probably not but my point is all the money in the world cant buy you clear skin so stop spending because you’re just wasting your money and time.

Before i tell you my routine my skin type is dry but blemish prone and they products i use aren’t just for my skin type but i had my type in mind when picking out these products.

The products i use…

Vichy Normaderm deep gel cleanser

Australian tea tree

Nivea men post balm+hydrate

i clean my face twice a day and apply tea tree twice as well or more depending what my skin is like on that day, but i only moisturize once.

Vichy cleanser is targeted at blemish prone skin and in my opinion does an amazing job; it doesn’t break me out and is by far my holy grail cleanser. Tea tree dries out the spots so i don’t moisturize on top because i think that would contradict the purpose of it. If you’re skin is really dry i would suggest moisturizing but it’s up to you. Tea tree is amazing you guys seriously i’ve tried about every spot zapper and this is the best i’ve found, i recommend it to anyone with blemish prone skin.

Everyone always says to me ‘eat less sugar’ ‘drink more water’ and it used to get on my nerves because i didn’t think i was doing anything wrong. I’m stubborn person when i want to be and i don’t like being wrong, but then to be honest who does? So i’m sorry guys i hate to admit it but its true it really does help and what they say is true, its made a massive difference to my skin and the way i feel. I now eat half as less sugar as before and (i have a sweet tooth so that is an achievement for me) drink 2 litres of water a day.

This was my skin about a year ago

 This is my skin today (its worse than normal because its that time of the month sorry) it’s mostly all scaring and in my opinion is a big difference.

i know it sucks listening to what people say but honestly other peoples advice is helpful, sometimes but in all seriousness i am very stubborn person and listening to people that have been through it before really helped me discover what worked best for me, and taught me to stop slapping on layers of products and let my skin breath.

Finally thank your skin as my mum says because once you accept your skin and start thinking positively it makes you feel a lot better in yourself, and it sounds weird but made my skin better to. My skin is my biggest insecurity but its getting better and yours will to but give it a chance because it wont happen overnight. No matter what you think to others your skin isn’t half as bad as you think you’re beautiful and i wish you could see that, this is getting cheesy sorry but it will get better if you believe it will.

Thank you so much for reading if you’d like to see me do a best/worst product review please comment below or if you have any other suggestions

love abi x

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