How to find your own style

Some of you may know what your style is,some may not care then some may not know and be curious like me. To be honest i don’t know what my own style is so writing this may be ironic but i felt i should help anyone thats wondering like i’m.

I tend to follow the trends most people do and its ok but i want something different to shop in less mainstream shops, to have unique clothes and make everyone go wow where did you get that. But looking for individual shops with out a style type is hard it doesn’t seem it but trust me i struggle. I don’t know if its just me that feels like this if you do please let me know i’m not the only odd one. I want to tell you the ways i’ve searched for my style type.

1) Quizzes i mostly do them for a laugh or if i have boy issues back me up girls we all do it be honest, however some can be really helpful. Some quizzes are very vauge focusing on the 5 most obvious style types gothic, preppy, girly, tomboy and sexy i found these unhelpful so kept looking and found some good ones. I will try and add a link in the comments if i find a better one but you may have to hunt around.

2) Trends this may not work for everyone but if it does its soo good. It may sound like a lot of effort but i promise if you stick to it, it pays off. So every time i found a trend i liked i wrote it down then after a while i started to see patterns which i put together and started to see the kind of clothes i was into. This helped me narrow down the types of clothes i like and was able to rule out a lot of styles like tomboy, gothic, preppy and boho. If you do try this out please let me know how it goes.

3) Finally shops if you find a less mainstream shop and you like mostly all of their clothes you can often look up the style they stock and find out that way. This is probably the most simple and effective but its finding the shop first that’s hard.

Guys you don’t have to have a style you can be a mix, i think thats what i am,  as long as you feel happy and confident that’s all that matters! If you are intressted i hope my tips help you in some way thank you for reading.
Love abi xx

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