Makeup dos & donts


Girls we’ve all gone through rubbish makeup and looking like an orange and it sucked well at the time we thought we were amazing lets be honest but yh it was bad so this is for you guys that are starting out to maybe save you slightly. Btw im no makeup expert this is just some things ive found.

On camera the colours look the same but the foundation on the left was about 3 shades darker than my neck and looked very cakey. I think the seemingly sinplest is the hardest ive got about 5 foundations that are no where near my natural skin its hard to find the right match. A tip i have for this is..
☆trust your instincts if the shop lady gives you a shade that seems wrong dont be afraid to ask her to test it on you or swap it
☆test the foundation on your neck for the best colour match

☆dont go to bright! Use one two shades lighter than your natural skin



☆go light handed because you can always build it up

☆ find your “magic line”


(from the top of your ear to the nearest edge of your eye)
☆use a cool toned brown then warm up your face with a warmer colour

only the highest points of your face
☆dont use a too glitery one (unless that’s your thing then rock it!)

☆go a shade lighter than your natural brow hairs
☆DONT square off the start
☆apply most of the product at the end to make a gradient effect
☆follow your natural shape

Eye makeup
This really has no dont’s just
But go however bold or waky you want, its up to you

☆stop at the end of your iris (bit closest to your tear duct i literally had a debate with myself wether it was the start or the end)
☆look down when you do it
☆put your elbow on a table so you have a steady hand
☆put a nude of white on your water line to open up your eyes
☆dont over extend your wing (it has happend to all of us)

☆dont overline your cupids bow
☆overline the outer edge of your top lip for a more natural look
☆use a similar shade of lipstick


These are the dos & donts i came up with these may not suit everyone so play around with it. If you think i’ve missed any or know more please let me know thankyou for reading
Love abi xx

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