Instagram hacks

Hey guys so i’m NO way and instagram expert far from it to be honest, but i know or i think i know how to make an account look good. Here are some hacks i know and think would be helpful to you so here it goes.

My first hack well it’s kind of a tip really but be nice everyone they’re one billion times more likely to follow and like your photos if you’re a nice person. By this i don’t mean like writing posts about how much you love them or sending them roses, but just like their posts comment on their photos let them know you like their account and most likely they will “return the love”. This is a great way to build up your followers and find more people online.

This is probably the most simple hack but it makes a massive difference to the overall appearance of your feed. Have a colour theme or a filter that you use all the way through, it just ties your photos together and makes it look so much put together.

The next thing you can do is put a marble tile or any tile behind your photos to make it more interesting and unique. If marble isn’t your thing you can use fabrics,magazines or just other patterned tiles patterned card also looks cute sometimes. You can get cheap marble tiles on ebay or general tile shops. That was sounded stupid of course you can get tiles at tile shops, and i wonder why i’m not in set one. I haven’t got a tile yet but i’m ordering on today so i will let you know how it turns out.

I only realised this recently but if you hold the photo down it shows you the original. By the way it only works if you’re still editing i know it sounds obvious but yeah it took me a while. Also linking to editing on instagram if you put your phone on airplane mode and click post after you edit a photo it automatically saves to your camera roll but doesn’t post. I use this a lot because editing apps use up space and that i could be using for anything so ya know its got your back.

If you are a filter user this tip is for you, if you click manage your filters then you can reorder them so the one you use most is at the top. This is helpful because then it saves you scrolling through them i use this because i’m lazy but back me up here who has got time for that. I mean i could probably take 20 selfies or a hundred depending on how quick i can move my thumb, i’d end up with like none at the end cause they’d all be awful but that’s not the point. To be honest i don’t use the filters #nofilters i’m kidding sorry but yeah i know a lot of people who do and find this hack really helpful.Screenshot_2016-02-22-11-56-00

By the way this is at the end of all your filters when you’re scrolling through just thought i’d say incase you are like me got confused.

Sorry guys this was a short one but thankyou so much for reading i know this isn’t the best post but i thought i’d get something out for you thankyou again hope you have a lovely day.

love abi xx

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