How to survive mocks

Hey guys so right now i’m in the middle of my year 10 mocks and omgg it’s stressful i can’t imagine how people doing A-levels are feeling right now! That’s why i haven’t been active sorry i’ve been drowning in revision. This is a list of things that i find helpful and will help you survive ish, well i don’t know maybe but i’m going to try.

  1. Make a timetable i know it seems like a lot of effort but i promise it really helps.

      2.Don’t be so hard on yourself! I tend to beat myself up about not knowing much and i            know realise it’s not really my fault i’m dumb ill blame it on my parents. I’m kidding i          love them but seriously it wont come straight away and if it does you lucky person!                Give it a while.

     3. Take breaks there’s no point working for hours if you’re miserable well more miserable then you would normally be doing revision

     4. Start early so you have less to do before the exam i don’t mean getting up at like 4 in the morning and stop at 8 i mean start like a month before so you don’t have to cram it all in the night before

     5.Don’t be a revision zombie keep doing things you love you don’t have to give them up           because of revision.

    6.Stick post it notes EVERYWHERE when i have exams i have them in the shower on mirrors not going to lie on the toilet lid as well

    7. Find good revision music to keep you concentrated i don’t have a specific album i like trancy music personally i cant deal with music with lyrics cause i turn all beyonce and unfortuantley that doesn’t give my a GCSE, so i just tend to type in study music into music.

   8.Reward yourself, you deserve some reward after all the torture of revision


      I put a sweet at the end of my page lets be real more like 5 after each chunk of reading i         find it helps me concentrate and get through all the work.

   9.Find support, i found it really helps to rant at my mum or friends just to get over my               stress, having moral support got me through cause you know if you’re all struggling it’s better than just you. That sounded kind of mean but do you get me?

10.BE CONFIDENT i struggle a lot with confidence so it’s probably a bit ironic i’m saying            this, but seriously if you’re confident you’re automatically are going to do better, trust          me when i feel like i can do something i can but if i don’t well then i’m stuffed. So          guys believe in yourself because it’s not the end of the world if you mess up so just try          your best.

Sorry this was a bit miss matchy but as i said at the start i’m really stressed and don’t have a lot time at the moment but it will be in a week! I just wanted to get something out for you guys hope it’s ok.

love abi xx

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