Low Sugar, Low Calorie Snacks

Hey guys how are you all? So my biggest battle is my food vs my body, shoutout to all you other people struggling with this! I don’t mean like my body doesn’t like food, because i really do like food, like a lot and that’s the problem. If i eat even like a square of chocolate my face erupts with spots, it’s bluming annoying, but even worse i’m a sugar addict and i constantly snack so i’ve been trying to find low sugar things that will not make my feel deprived. Guys i’m also lazy so ya know minimum effort required. I’m literally just putting myself down but it’s true i’m not going to lie.

Trail mix..

I love trail mix but i find shop ones just aren’t sweet enough for me. Bad right? So i’ve made my own, it’s not completely sugar free but it doesn’t ruin my skin, i’ve also given you a chance to boost up the sugar if you’re one of the ‘lucky ones’.


2 tbs sunflower seeds

1 tbs pumpkin seeds

1 handful of shreddies or you favourite cereal

1/2 tsp cinnamon

5 chopped dates

1 tsp sesame seeds

then chocolate chunks if you want.

 Peanut butter balls

These are only for peanut butter lovers because they are a bit strong, but alternatively you can use honey. The peanut butter i used was from whole earth as it contains no sugar or rubbish and is by far my favourite. This uses exactly the same recipe as the trail mix but no sesame seeds.

6 tsp peanut butter one for each ball


Apple crisps


I LOVEE these takes me back to being 5 again you guys they’re so good! They are also like a 5 a day so parents can’t be like woah hold back on the food. They’re so simple to make just take more time than the other.

1 apple cored and sliced thinly 

cook for an hour at 110 degrees and you’re done


 Ice cream

I ate all of this before i took a photo sorry but it looked lush. I’m actually lactose intolerant so i find it hard to find ice creams sugar free and still nice. So i just made my own, i used an ice cream maker if you don’t have one just freeze it for 4 hours stirring in-between.

2 cans of coconut cream

5 dates chopped small

1 pound of strawberries blended

Blend everything together then if you have an ice cream maker put it in for 45 mins then freeze until serving or just eat it, i’m not going to judge i do it a lot.

Sorry guys this isn’t amazing i’m very clearly not a cook i hope some of these may be helpful maybe but yeah if you want more detail don’t be afraid to comment. Also if you want low calorie calorie and sugar meals let me know because i wouldn’t mind doing that for you. Hope you all have a lovely week.

love abixx


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