Simple eyeshadow looks


Hey guys feel like i haven’t wrote a post for ages sorry! These are 3 simple eye makeup looks i created for you guys for everyday purposes or nights out. I was thinking of making this into a series but doing different themes please let me know if that would be something you’re interested in. I tried to use affordable makeup for you guys so if you want to recreate this you can cheaply but i did use my naked 3 palette sorry. Hope you enjoy have a lovely mini holiday love you đź’• btw i’m no makeup artist let alone even good so sorry if they’re not amazing but i tried my best, also i’m wearing no face makeup if you were wondering about the spots.



This is my go to eye makeup at the moment but honestly it changed every week sometimes everyday to be honest. To do this i used the morphe 35w palette and the makeup revolution golden sugar palette.


First apply a concealer or primer to your lid then set with a creme shade
Run the tan shade through your crease
Then in the outer v place the tumerick and light brown shades blending well
Then do the exact same with the bronze from the makeup revolution palette
Going back to the morphe palette place the gold all over the lid
Finally place to white from the makeup revolution palette in you inner corner



For this i used my Morphe palette again and some glitter from strictly then topped it off with two layers of Primark ‘natural’ lashes. This isn’t my everyday makeup look i don’t normally wear glitter because i et it everywhere and it’s a right pain, but i does look beautiful so i used it today.
Apply concealer then set with the creme shade
Run the tan and tumerick through the crease
Place a brown over the top of that blending well
Put any glitter glue over the lid and apply a pink glitter (gold looks nice to)
Blend the edges out with a dark purple
Place a black in the outer v and run it along the lash line
Line your top lash line with a black liner
Then apply your lashes




For this look i used my naked 3 palette sorry but a good dupe is the collection eyes uncovered in nude rose. I also used my makeup revolution blush palette in sugar and spice.

Apply a concealer and set with ‘strange’
Run ‘nooner’ through your crease
On top add makeup revolution blush of your choice (i picked the bottom right)
Place dust allover your lid and you’re good to go!

Thankyou for reading guys sorry about the quality of the photos i broke my camera cause i’m dum like that. If you’re interested in how i did my brows i will be putting my brow routine up soon. Hope you found it alright see you next week.
Love abixx

Liebster award!!

Hey guys so i just came back from a kind of rubbish day at school and picked up my phone to find simplybeautyruru had nominated me for this award thank you so much by the way it means alot! So this award is basically an award given out by other bloggers to bloggers it is to congratulate and give recognition to new bloggers. This award is amazing because there is some much community and love between bloggers and so it’s nice to thank people and give them some recognition. I honestly can’t believe i got nominated i’m so gratefull thank you so much!

liebster award.png


Thank the lovely blogger who nominated you

Display the award on your blog (you’ve all won congratulations)

Nominate 11 other bloggers under 200 followers if you accept this award

Answer my 11 questions then create your own

I nominated..











Please go follow these users i love their accounts and they truly deserve this award!

The questions i was asked…

What product is currently in my makeup bag that i can’t live without?

By far my Anastasia dip brow i will forever love this stuff it’s amazing

What are you wanting to achieve by your blog?

Honestly i don’t know i just love writing it and reading you guys’ posts. I’d say i want to make people believe they’re beautiful, and love themselves because thats something  feel strongly about.

What do you prefer for your lippies?

Mmm i love matte lipsticks cause i just don’t do shine

Name one place you would like to visit?

Bora Bora i’m dying to go travelling but my friend went there and i fell in love with the pictures it’s beautiful there!

What do you like most about blogging?

I love the ‘community’ if you get me like the support we give each other because yeah it’s just nice to feel like people enjoy your opinions and love reading your blogs

Whats my favorite current product?

Oo i change really quickly but at the moment it’s my Morphe 35O palette

Name a place you’ve visited so far?

Last summer i went to California that was amazing, but i want to explore more places in America as it’s soo big

Choose 1 Fashion makeup or travel?

Ahh i’d have to say makeup because my life orientates around it i love it so much and i want to be a makeup artist so ya know kinda crucial to like it

What’s my favourite food?

Potatoes i know it’s weird but hear me out you could literally survive on them chips, wedges, fries, mash it’s endless like if i was going to get stuck somewhere i would be a potatoe farm

Where am i in the world?


Whats the best time i blog?

The weekend because i have the most free time

My questions…

Whats your favourite product?

If you where going to travel the world where would you go?

Whats the one thing in the whole world you can’t live without?

What are you normally doing friday evenings? Not ment to be creepy like movies eating ect

Film that makes you cry?

If you could change the world what would you change?

Favourite youtuber?

If you had to survive on one food what would it be?

What would you tell your 20 year old self?

What’s your fears?

Why do you write a blog? what do you want from it?

Thankyou for reading i’m so grateful to of been nominated hope you all enjoy doing this tag and ‘spread the love’ love you all have a lovely weekend!

love abixx










The Power Of Makeup

Heya guys so today i’m bringing you a power of makeup. I always watch youtubers doing it and i’m like umm wheres the difference? So i decided to try it for myself, see if there really was that dramatic difference i thought of. Honestly i can’t say if there is, to me there is but to you there may not be.

My face the main difference is in my skin i naturally have very red skin so the foundation conceals that, and i have acne prone skin so it covers most imperfections,however i didn’t pick  up that well on the camera. Guys my phone literally offended me so much so there’s a beauty setting on my photos to blur out imperfections and mine was like 70%.. it’s automatic! Sorry bit off topic but come on bit harsh right?

I hate people saying oh you wear to much makeup, why is she dressing up she’s just going to the shops. Because honestly wear as much as you want, be as adventurous as you want it’s your face and your personality, no one should stop you expressing yourself it must be like a human right if not it should be! But yeah never let anyone make you feel stupid or over made up rock your skills of makeup and show them what you have, and be confident if makeup helps you do that don’t be afraid.

Makeup shouldn’t be used like a mask because everyone is their own kind of beautiful but instead makeup should be used to enhance natural beauty and break limits of creativity. Even if you hate your face there must be a feature you hate less? like i prefer my eyes and brows so i enhance them with bold shadows drawing attention away from yucky bits like my skin.

If you’ve got bad skin you can cover it up

If you’ve got chins or a chubby face contour them away

If you’ve got small lips over line them

If you’ve got a big nose contour that thing

If you’ve got spars brows draw them on

The sky is the limit you can completely change your face to how you want i view faces as blank canvases you can create a masterpiece. The product range and colours are endless just make sure what ever you do, makes you confident.

I was constantly picked at because of my skin people would always say digs about it because it was the only thing that really affected me. They probably didn’t mean it meanly but when you’re really self conscious little comments feel like big things. I know my skin is better than some now but it didn’t used to be, i think that now i’m so much more grateful for good skin days, and i feel as if i can empathise with people in the same position and i think that’s important it made me a more understanding person. So i guess what i’m trying to say is makeup gave me the confidence i’m gaining now when i had none and that’s a magical thing. Bad skin is a phase it will go don’t worry but it has taken 3 years for mine to get its act together and it’s still bad in people opinions, but what matters is my opinion and i’m proud of it.


I’m sorry this is kind of  weird post sorry i didn’t know what to include but i just thought it was important to tell you it’s ok to doubt yourself and turn to makeup just as long as it gives you your confidence back, but don’t hide behind it because makeup doesn’t change your face you have to have a beautiful base to make it beautiful. Anyone that steryotypes you for wearing loads stand up to them tell them what a miracle it can be, remember you’re the boss of your feelings, don’t let them effect you!

 You’re beautiful message me if anyone says no and ill give them something to think about!

love abixx