Liebster award!!

Hey guys so i just came back from a kind of rubbish day at school and picked up my phone to find simplybeautyruru had nominated me for this award thank you so much by the way it means alot! So this award is basically an award given out by other bloggers to bloggers it is to congratulate and give recognition to new bloggers. This award is amazing because there is some much community and love between bloggers and so it’s nice to thank people and give them some recognition. I honestly can’t believe i got nominated i’m so gratefull thank you so much!

liebster award.png


Thank the lovely blogger who nominated you

Display the award on your blog (you’ve all won congratulations)

Nominate 11 other bloggers under 200 followers if you accept this award

Answer my 11 questions then create your own

I nominated..











Please go follow these users i love their accounts and they truly deserve this award!

The questions i was asked…

What product is currently in my makeup bag that i can’t live without?

By far my Anastasia dip brow i will forever love this stuff it’s amazing

What are you wanting to achieve by your blog?

Honestly i don’t know i just love writing it and reading you guys’ posts. I’d say i want to make people believe they’re beautiful, and love themselves because thats something  feel strongly about.

What do you prefer for your lippies?

Mmm i love matte lipsticks cause i just don’t do shine

Name one place you would like to visit?

Bora Bora i’m dying to go travelling but my friend went there and i fell in love with the pictures it’s beautiful there!

What do you like most about blogging?

I love the ‘community’ if you get me like the support we give each other because yeah it’s just nice to feel like people enjoy your opinions and love reading your blogs

Whats my favorite current product?

Oo i change really quickly but at the moment it’s my Morphe 35O palette

Name a place you’ve visited so far?

Last summer i went to California that was amazing, but i want to explore more places in America as it’s soo big

Choose 1 Fashion makeup or travel?

Ahh i’d have to say makeup because my life orientates around it i love it so much and i want to be a makeup artist so ya know kinda crucial to like it

What’s my favourite food?

Potatoes i know it’s weird but hear me out you could literally survive on them chips, wedges, fries, mash it’s endless like if i was going to get stuck somewhere i would be a potatoe farm

Where am i in the world?


Whats the best time i blog?

The weekend because i have the most free time

My questions…

Whats your favourite product?

If you where going to travel the world where would you go?

Whats the one thing in the whole world you can’t live without?

What are you normally doing friday evenings? Not ment to be creepy like movies eating ect

Film that makes you cry?

If you could change the world what would you change?

Favourite youtuber?

If you had to survive on one food what would it be?

What would you tell your 20 year old self?

What’s your fears?

Why do you write a blog? what do you want from it?

Thankyou for reading i’m so grateful to of been nominated hope you all enjoy doing this tag and ‘spread the love’ love you all have a lovely weekend!

love abixx










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