Simple eyeshadow looks


Hey guys feel like i haven’t wrote a post for ages sorry! These are 3 simple eye makeup looks i created for you guys for everyday purposes or nights out. I was thinking of making this into a series but doing different themes please let me know if that would be something you’re interested in. I tried to use affordable makeup for you guys so if you want to recreate this you can cheaply but i did use my naked 3 palette sorry. Hope you enjoy have a lovely mini holiday love you ๐Ÿ’• btw i’m no makeup artist let alone even good so sorry if they’re not amazing but i tried my best, also i’m wearing no face makeup if you were wondering about the spots.



This is my go to eye makeup at the moment but honestly it changed every week sometimes everyday to be honest. To do this i used the morphe 35w palette and the makeup revolution golden sugar palette.


First apply a concealer or primer to your lid then set with a creme shade
Run the tan shade through your crease
Then in the outer v place the tumerick and light brown shades blending well
Then do the exact same with the bronze from the makeup revolution palette
Going back to the morphe palette place the gold all over the lid
Finally place to white from the makeup revolution palette in you inner corner



For this i used my Morphe palette again and some glitter from strictly then topped it off with two layers of Primark ‘natural’ lashes. This isn’t my everyday makeup look i don’t normally wear glitter because i et it everywhere and it’s a right pain, but i does look beautiful so i used it today.
Apply concealer then set with the creme shade
Run the tan and tumerick through the crease
Place a brown over the top of that blending well
Put any glitter glue over the lid and apply a pink glitter (gold looks nice to)
Blend the edges out with a dark purple
Place a black in the outer v and run it along the lash line
Line your top lash line with a black liner
Then apply your lashes




For this look i used my naked 3 palette sorry but a good dupe is the collection eyes uncovered in nude rose. I also used my makeup revolution blush palette in sugar and spice.

Apply a concealer and set with ‘strange’
Run ‘nooner’ through your crease
On top add makeup revolution blush of your choice (i picked the bottom right)
Place dust allover your lid and you’re good to go!

Thankyou for reading guys sorry about the quality of the photos i broke my camera cause i’m dum like that. If you’re interested in how i did my brows i will be putting my brow routine up soon. Hope you found it alright see you next week.
Love abixx

27 thoughts on “Simple eyeshadow looks

  1. Just a suggestion, use an old mascara brush, washed so it is clean of mascara use it as a brush to de-clump the mascara on your eyelashes to make it more natural but still pretty

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