Eyebrow routine

Hey guys hope your week is going well this is my brow routine its pretty basic but i thought i would share it with you anyways cause yeah why not. I use the Anatasia Dip Brow Pomade in Dark Brown this is £15 at beauty bay and is a holy grail for me i live by this stuff, you dont have to get this guys if its to expensive or just not worth it to you then you can just get a brown gel eyeliner but i recommed freedom brow pomade which is only £5!

I first brush out my brows the trim the top and downwards edge be careful when doing this guys you don’t want a wonkey short brow! Then i pluck underneath my brow and get all the cheeky hairs from the monobrow area and thats all. Simple really but i don’t like to do loads because i’m scared i’d mess up. Kind of random but when i was in year 8 i plucked my brows litterally to the start of my eyes because i didn’t like the spikey bits and the front and i’m still being teased about it now so DONT i repeat DONT do that! A helpful tip is to take a pencil and place it at the side of your nose where this ends up on your forhead is where your eyebrow should start.


I first brush my brows up and on a small angled brush i outline the bottom of my brow. Then i outline the top and fill my brow in making sure to only go 3/4 of the way. On the front part i take my spoolie and brush the product side ways into the front of my brow this gives it that fleeky gradient effect if im lucky. I finally carve out the bottom and add a brow highlight and dah dah. I personally don’t set my brows as i dont feel like i need it with this product but you can if you would like to.

Sorry this was so short but im currently in the middle of my science GCSEs so don’t have alot of free time promise it will be back to normal in a couple of weeks. Have a lovely week and weekend hopefully the sun will come back to visit because last weekend was lush!
Love you abixx

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