Get Unready With Me

Hello my lovelies how are you all? So to start with WE HIT 400 I KNOW RIGHT WHATT! Litterally couldn’t believe i could ever hit 200 hundred let alone 400 its insane! I just wanted to say thankyou so much im so grateful for all you lovely people you mean alot to me even it might sound silly. Ill stop blabbering and get into it i just wanted to say thankyou and bring on 500 woo.. im kidding but im trying the whole optomism gets you what you want thingy so yeah woo. Awkward sorry. 

Anyways this is my get unready with me hope you enjoy reading. By the way if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to comment because i try and sound like i know what im doing but i kind of dont. Oh well here it goes..

First i start with my simple kind to skin cleansing wipes these are heaven for me on i just keep them by my bed and rub off my makeup when even i feel like my skin is going to errupt. 

Next i properly cleaned my face with my vichy normaderm deep gel cleanser to get rid of all the nasty spots trying to peak through. This is my holy grail i have used it for 2 years and it has never let me down! I have a whole cupboard dedecated to skincare and time after time i have come back to this because i know it doesn’t hate me, and my skin doesn’t hate it. Bit off topic but guys imagine how much food we could buy with all the money we’ve spent on skincare we could have a feast, im not even kidding this must happen. 

As i had been doing a challenge that day on a full face of eyeshadow with eyeshadow as foundation and everything!  (It was terrifying not gonna lie) my face was feeling pretty blocked up so i put on a face mask using all natural ingrediants, to try and dampen the impact.

For the chocolate face mask..

1tsp cacao powder

1/2 tsp coconut oil 

And however much water you want to reach your desired consistency.

Then leave for 10 mins

DISCLAIMER: If you have oily skin skip the coconut oil and just use water.

I didn’t feel like i needed more moisture so i skipped that step but if i do i use coconut oil by melting it in my hand and them massaging it all over my face. However under my eyes i did use some Nourishing cream from Neals Yard to make the black demons under my eyes dissapear, ok fade its not that much of a miracle worker i wish they would dissapear though, that would be helpful. 

Then i do my teeth im not going to explain this because im hoping you all clean your teeth (please do if you dont!) At the moment iam attempting to whiten my teeth and i read that using 1/2  a tsp of baking soda (NOT BAKING POWDER IT DOES NOTHING, TRUST ME) for 14 days does the trick so i will keep you updated on any changes and how reliable it is after ive finished.

Finally i finish of with some lip balm this is a snoopy carmex it is utterly adorable and stops my lips looking like a dried rasin, but any lip balm will do.

Thankyou again for 400 followers means the world hope you enjoyed this blog sorry it was quite short, but didn’t want to bore you all. 

Love you, abi xx

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