Sunset eyes 

Hello, how are you all i feel like this is majorly overdue sorry! But anyways im going to be doing my own take on the sunset eye however this will be using minimal and SUPER affordable products so you can slay without breaking the bank. That kind of sounded like cheesy advert sorry, but yeah lets go.

Im not going to show you my base because feel like ive told you a million times and its just boring really i certainly wouldn’t want to read me going on about it! So im just going talk you through the important bit, the eyes.

To start the eyes like i always do i slap on the urban decay primer potion in eden so i get a nice smooth base. For this look i only used 4 colours all from the drugstore apart from one sorry but its easy to find a variation so its super affordable. I first took the colour 19 from kiko which is a bright yellow in my crease and up to my brow bone, you want to get this high as it needs to be visible over the orange. then just above my crease i took the colour burnt from makeup obsessions which is a bright burnt orange as he name says and blended this in not going to high but blending it out with more yellow so there isnt and harsh lines. On a small blending brush i took bitten from makeup geek and put that right in the crease not blending it into the orange to much. for the lid shade i took wine n dine from my violet voss holy grail palette which is a beautiful pinky purple and buffed that out with bitten so there wasn’t a harsh colour difference. On my lower lash line i took bitten close to the lash line and the yellow shade to buff it out. i then applied a winged eyeliner bigger than normal and applied mascara added some inner corner highlight and bam, i was done.

Thankyou all for reading my summery looks, i want to get more creative with my look as why not so i will be shoving loads of colour and glitter on my eyes because being crazy is what life is all about! 

Have a lovely day, love abixx