No foundation glam

Hello my lovelies, long time no see, how are you all?

Im sorry i’ve been inactive for a while i’ve been super busy on other projects and GCSEs and silver DofE… but im back now so will be posting a lot more. Anyways dont want to bore you but i felt i needed to address my absence and apologise.

This is my no foundation but still glam makeup look for lazy days, or days you just want to let your skin breathe without looking 100% gross, Hope you enjoy…

This is my everyday makeup when i dont want to look like a gross egg, but want to let my skin breathe with no foundation. I start with my Radiance face wash by Burt’s bees then my Neal’s yard ‘Daily moisture’ so im glowy af because if im not going to wear foundation i want people to know im not.That sounds weird but do you get what i mean? Im like yes i have got foundation on but yeah i still look bomb it’s like a satisfaction thing… although i normally dont look bomb i look dead. Anyways the only other things i put on my face are some natural bronzer by Rimmel in sun bronze, my natural Lancome rose blush and my highlight.

For the glam part i like to wear bold but simple eyeshadow so i dusted a yellow eyeshadow from kiko in the shade 19 all over my lid. To darken the eyes i put tiki hut by makeup geek in my outer third, on my lower lash line and lightly in the crease. After some winged eyeliner (which is a killer to do) and some brown eyeliner in the water line, i top it off with mascara and bam it’s done. It is super simple and takes 5 mins max so i love it as im lazy, and its bold so looks like a tonne of effort when it really isn’t.

The last steps i do is put some Carmex on my lips and fill my eyebrows in like normal with my Anastasia dip brow in dark brown. Some days i will shove on a bold lip to but as i still have acne scaring a pink or red would bring out the colour of them making it more obvious. Plus not having a lip focuses the attention on my eyes not my naked skin, which is great and kind of what i want.

Thankyou for reading again im sorry ive been inactive for so long hope you have a lovely summer and week. love Abi xx

Who says you cant wear yellow? 

Hello ny lovelies so recently i was in kiko and i saw this bright yellow and i was just like i’ve got to have it its stunning! My mum said she didnt think it would suit me and it would look silly, so i decided to get it and prove her wrong and im so glad i did. 

This wont be everyones cup of tea as they say but hope you enjoy anyways.

First i started with my urban decay primer potion in eden then my bronzer as a transition colour. I blended tiki hut by makeup geek into my crease and half way across my lid. I darkened this with a dark orangy brown from my morphe 35W palette, then a cool toned brown colour on the outer corner of my eye. For the lid i took the shade 19 from kiko (the yellow), then a champagne high light in my inner corner also from kiko in the shade 16. To finish of i created a wing with my seventeen black eyeliner and tight lined my top and bottom lashes with a brown liner from maybelline in the shade matte occhi. After running tiki hut along my lower lash line i applied my lash sensational mascara and i was done. 

Thankyou for reading hope you enjoyed; oh and what would you like to see next a q&a or a challenge? 

Love abixx


Christmas party GRWM

​Hello my lovelies this is my christmas party look option 1, for those parties when glam is essential but you dont have much time. Im going to just skip straight into the tutorial hope you enjoy and MERRY CHRISTMAS, hope your tree is perfect and your lights dazzling that wasn’t meant to be an innuendo dont worry! 

AH i apologise for the very gross face and my pjs hope you enjoy anyways.

So first i started with the eyes and placed my naked skin concealer in fair all over my lids and set it as a base. I then put unexpected by makeup geek in my crease as my transition colour, on top of this i blended Nooner from the Naked 3 palette. for the main colour i put Makeup Geek’s Bitten in my crease and inner 3rd of my eye then smoked it out with a dark plum from my Morphe 35W palette keeping it concentrated in the outer crease. On the inner 3rd i placed a white reflective gold colour and put my gold glitter on top. 

Next i started doing my face i placed my natural collection green corrector on my spots which as you can see my face has decided on giving me loads of recently, lucky me right. Then i put my Morphe yellow corrector under my eyes. For foundation i used my Bareminerals original foundation and put this everywhere apart from underneath my eyes as its powder, then i use a smaller brush to cover blemishes with my foundation. Next i put my Naked skin concelear under my eyes on my nose and cupids bow then blend it out with my real techniques sponge. After setting this is i put on my Rimmel bronzer and then my Lancome blush. I attempted to slightly contour my nose which kind of failed but lets ignore that and move on to my highlight, so i tried a new makeup brand called Makeup Obsession called … and it is honestly stunning an the pigmentation is incredible! Anyways i placed it on my nose, cheek bones, tear duct brow bone and cupids bow. 

Next i did my brows like normal with my Anastasia dip brow in Dark brown and finished my eyes off with my lash sensational mascara. I also ran bitten along my lower lash line to tie the look together. My lips were very simple  just placed my Rimmel lip liner in shade 1 all over and left it at that.

Hope you enjoyed thankyou for reading love you all lots, have a lovely week.

Love you, abixx

Festival makeup

Hello my lovelies, how are you all? At festivals glitter is your best friend and the bolder the makeup the better, nothing is to much! So this year i went to a local festival near me called latitude and had the time of my life. Comment below if you went to a festival, if so which one. I camped there for 4 days and this was one of my looks i hope you all enjoy.

For this makeup as there is alot of glitter its best to start with the lips and eyes. Bit of a weird order but i found it worked best. So for the eyes i primed them with my mac pro long wear concealer amd set them with my translucent powder. Then i put a burnt orange in my crease and created a wing with my maybelline 24hr colour tattoo in the shade endless purple, bit of a random colour i know but it made the blue pop so i went with it. Over the top of this i used one of my strictly pigments in sky blue to set it. After the face we will come back to the eyes. 

Next i did the lips i outlined them and filled them in with the same maybelline colour tattoo as it is a cream eyeshadow the glitter sticks to it i used this as an alternative as i didnt want to use glue on my lips. I covered my lips with dark blue glitter also from a strictly set making sure to be carefull not to slip, as im not a fan of a blue moustache. I then cleaned the edges up using my foundation. 

Now for the fun bits i used my rimmle natural bronzer on the perimeter of my face focusing on my non existent cheek bones, then went over it with my shimmer bronzer from my makeup revolution palette in golden sugar; from the same palette i took the highlighting blush shade and the purple highlighter and mixed them together to create a blush/highlight. For more highlight because my life goal is to blind people, i took the white highlight from that palette and put it in all the places id previously placed the concealer, so pretty much everywhere to be honest. Then i took my body shop roll on glitter and placed that on my cheek bones and a tiny amount on my nose. I didnt want to have coloured glitter on my face as the eyes and lips where the main attraction, however this glitter does have a blue and purple reflect.

Now back to the eyes i placed the orange i used in my crease on the lower lash line and then covered that in the blue pigment, this turned out a aqua colour however you sadly cant see it from the pictures. For the inner corner i used the same white hightlight and a bit if the glitter. Finally i coated my lashes in my maybelline lash sensational mascara then filled in my eyebrows like normal and that was it. If you want a more indepth routine of the brows i have a blog post on it. 

Thankyou all for reading, i wont be active for a while as im away for another week with no wifi (this post was pre uploaded) but have a lovely week love you all thankyou! 

Love abi xx

Get Unready With Me

Hello my lovelies how are you all? So to start with WE HIT 400 I KNOW RIGHT WHATT! Litterally couldn’t believe i could ever hit 200 hundred let alone 400 its insane! I just wanted to say thankyou so much im so grateful for all you lovely people you mean alot to me even it might sound silly. Ill stop blabbering and get into it i just wanted to say thankyou and bring on 500 woo.. im kidding but im trying the whole optomism gets you what you want thingy so yeah woo. Awkward sorry. 

Anyways this is my get unready with me hope you enjoy reading. By the way if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to comment because i try and sound like i know what im doing but i kind of dont. Oh well here it goes..

First i start with my simple kind to skin cleansing wipes these are heaven for me on i just keep them by my bed and rub off my makeup when even i feel like my skin is going to errupt. 

Next i properly cleaned my face with my vichy normaderm deep gel cleanser to get rid of all the nasty spots trying to peak through. This is my holy grail i have used it for 2 years and it has never let me down! I have a whole cupboard dedecated to skincare and time after time i have come back to this because i know it doesn’t hate me, and my skin doesn’t hate it. Bit off topic but guys imagine how much food we could buy with all the money we’ve spent on skincare we could have a feast, im not even kidding this must happen. 

As i had been doing a challenge that day on a full face of eyeshadow with eyeshadow as foundation and everything!  (It was terrifying not gonna lie) my face was feeling pretty blocked up so i put on a face mask using all natural ingrediants, to try and dampen the impact.

For the chocolate face mask..

1tsp cacao powder

1/2 tsp coconut oil 

And however much water you want to reach your desired consistency.

Then leave for 10 mins

DISCLAIMER: If you have oily skin skip the coconut oil and just use water.

I didn’t feel like i needed more moisture so i skipped that step but if i do i use coconut oil by melting it in my hand and them massaging it all over my face. However under my eyes i did use some Nourishing cream from Neals Yard to make the black demons under my eyes dissapear, ok fade its not that much of a miracle worker i wish they would dissapear though, that would be helpful. 

Then i do my teeth im not going to explain this because im hoping you all clean your teeth (please do if you dont!) At the moment iam attempting to whiten my teeth and i read that using 1/2  a tsp of baking soda (NOT BAKING POWDER IT DOES NOTHING, TRUST ME) for 14 days does the trick so i will keep you updated on any changes and how reliable it is after ive finished.

Finally i finish of with some lip balm this is a snoopy carmex it is utterly adorable and stops my lips looking like a dried rasin, but any lip balm will do.

Thankyou again for 400 followers means the world hope you enjoyed this blog sorry it was quite short, but didn’t want to bore you all. 

Love you, abi xx

DIY Pamper Night

Hey lovelys hope you’re a lovely weekend, today i wanted to bring you my pamper routine to give you easy quick diys, and inspire you to try out some. Now back me up who like me always plans pamper nights but realistically never gets round to them?  But, when i do i lovee them so i’m going to try and make time! This is a diy as personally i don’t want to go out and spend loads of fancy pamper products when ill probably use them 3 times a month, ok who am i kidding more like once but yeah, so i’ve made these all diys incase anyone wanted to recreate them. Ps guys they literally cost nothing so win win situation.

what i do remove makeup

bath ft music/youtube

wash hair, body and face

exfoliate face

face mask

hair mask


moisturise face

spot treatment

So to start off i run a bath, while it’s running i remove my makeup and light some candles. Today i was using a candle from Tiger and coconut vanilla from Primark, but i always use different ones so chose your favourites. Then i added some bath salts from Westlab and Snape Maltings bath milk for bubbles, finally a bath bomb from lush i used Butterbear tonight.


Normally ill listen to music or watch youtube as it gives me something to do and youtube is my life so why not. Like normal i do the whole shave the legs, wash the hair and body routine with alot of bad singing. To clean my body i use my lush shower jelly i’m going to tell you a story so for the longest time i used to never use it because i couldn’t work it out. I used to try and wash myself with bits that i ripped off and they’d just fly every where it was so annoyingg but did make me laugh. I didn’t understand the hype till now when my friend told me how to use it and now i’m in love, so thanks Rosie. For my hair i use Garnier the marvellous transformer shampoo, and Pantene repair and protect conditioner. Can i just say this shampoo is a miracle worker it has sorted my damage hair out so well and fast, and you guys it smells amazing!


When i eventually get out of the bath i wash my face with my Vichy cleaners then exfoliate my face.


1tbs brown sugar (granulated not powder)

1tsp raw honey

Commonly people use baking powder DON’T i repeat DON’T this disrupts your natural skin barrier and acid mantle as it’s an alkaline causing your skin to become damaged, dry and acnefied.  Raw honey is an amazing antibacterial it fights spots and brightens your skin whilst holding the exfoliator together. The brown sugar is a soft exfoliate for sensitive skin therefore if your skin is really dry i don’t recommend this, alternatively you could use sea salt.

Then i move onto face masks; i love face masks but as my skin is so sensitive i never find ones gentle enough even lush ones break me out so i’ve just made it myself and it works dreams. This is so simple i have 2 that i use the most that actually really work. i’ve tried alot and these are my favourites. I’m also thinking of making a post on diy face masks please let me know if this would be helpful please.

1tbsp cocoa powder

1tsp water-add more if you find this isn’t enough

apply a thick layer and wash off after 20 mins


A large dollop of raw honey

I’ve been over the benefits of raw honey so i wont bore you with that but if you want more information comment below. Cocoa powder is my favourite because it looks the best and leaves my face soft and smelling like chocolate. It prevents acne and fights ageing as is rich in antioxidants. I only tried this mask a couple of days ago and i fell in love, my spots literally shrunk within 20 mins.


while i leave this on i put on my hair mask

large dollop (depending on hair length) of coconut oil melted

rub it through the ends of your hair after towel drying

So i kind of have a egg phobia explaining why i don’t use a egg based mask but if you’re not weird like me and don’t mind raw egg, i’m ok with cooked egg just yeah not raw, then this is a good recipe

two egg yolks

1tsp coconut/olive/avocado oil


I relax while these are on or dance i’m not going to pretend i don’t but depends on my mood. When i’ve washed these off i moisturise my face with my Nivea men post shave balm you could use to coconut oil instead. Moisturising is the most important step for me as my skin is like the bluming Sahara desert. For my body i use body shop Shea body butter. When these have sunk in i put tea tree oil on my spots, then go and watch tele.

Thankyou for reading hope it wasn’t to long or boring have a lovely week and sorry for being unactive i’ve now finished my mocks so will be uploading more.

love abixx