Who says you cant wear yellow? 

Hello ny lovelies so recently i was in kiko and i saw this bright yellow and i was just like i’ve got to have it its stunning! My mum said she didnt think it would suit me and it would look silly, so i decided to get it and prove her wrong and im so glad i did. 

This wont be everyones cup of tea as they say but hope you enjoy anyways.

First i started with my urban decay primer potion in eden then my bronzer as a transition colour. I blended tiki hut by makeup geek into my crease and half way across my lid. I darkened this with a dark orangy brown from my morphe 35W palette, then a cool toned brown colour on the outer corner of my eye. For the lid i took the shade 19 from kiko (the yellow), then a champagne high light in my inner corner also from kiko in the shade 16. To finish of i created a wing with my seventeen black eyeliner and tight lined my top and bottom lashes with a brown liner from maybelline in the shade matte occhi. After running tiki hut along my lower lash line i applied my lash sensational mascara and i was done. 

Thankyou for reading hope you enjoyed; oh and what would you like to see next a q&a or a challenge? 

Love abixx


Simple eyeshadows 2

​Hello my lovelies, how are you all? i decided to bring back the 3 simple eyeshadow looks as you guys all seemed to love them so i thought in honour of 1000 followers it would be perfect. YES i know right 1000 followers!!  I can’t thank you guys enough it is insane, i really dont know why you are all here but i’m so glad you are. Thankyou again! 

So as the point of this is the eyeshadow is simple and easy to recreate i’ve used only a few products and simple methods to keep it quick.

For the first look i created a pink toned casual glam eye look which in my opinion is vey minimal but is still gorgeous and look tricky even though its simple. I used urban decay primer potion in eden and then placed unexpected in my crease from makeup geek, next i used my naked 3 palette. Over the top of this i buffed in Nooner taking this in the outer third of my lid as well. Finally i put dust in my inner third and a makeup revolution peach lights on my inner corner,  and that is it super simple and quick.

For the next look and possiby the simplest after my primer potion  i put my natural bronzer from rimmel in the crease as a transition colour, then darkened it with a browny orange from my Morphe 35M palette. then for my lid colour i took my inglot eyeshadow i shade 157 all over the lid and lower lash line. With a pencil brush i put black on my outer rim and top lash line for subtle sexy smokeyness.  Finally i put a shimmery white shadow in the inner corner.

This look is still bronzey but darker so perfect for a more glam look but its still as easy. First i primed my eyes with urban decay primer potion in eden, for this look i will be using my Zoeva caramel melange palette, first i took the shade universal direct as transition shade then finish sensual on top of that and on the outer third of my lid. To darken the crease and lid i took edible gem and buffed than in until i got it as dark as i wanted. Also i ran that shade along the the lower lash line stopping half way and instead putting a shimmery white highlight. On the lid i put liquid centre then applied mascara and thats it. 

Thankyou so much for leading hope you enjoyed if you recreate any of them tag me in the photos on instagram, have a lovely day. Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR hope 2017 is good to you and you have an amazing year!!

love abi xx

Queen of the Covergirls inspired look

​Hello my lovelies, so it has been a while how are you all? so can i start by saying James SLAYS he is literally my aesthetic he is stunning. I hate it when they say that boys cant wear makeup or do makeup because they can, my two makeup idols are Manny MUA and James Charles because i mean look at them! If you haven’t by the way look them up you will fall in love!  

I tried to re-create this gorgeous instagram look by James but in a more natural way, i mean i wouldn’t wear the eyeshadow but it is more for all my makeup lovers with balls this is for you!  My makeup skills are no where near his but i tried. Ahh ok, here we go.

So in the look the eyes are very elongated and bold contrasting with his blue eyes, i have boring hazel eyes so the red didnt seem as bright as his. I started with the naked weightless concealer on my lid which i set with a translucent powder. The actually eyeshadow is very simple which was very good! in the crease i started with my bronzer then mixed in shade 157 (shimmery red) from Inglot, i also put this in my crease. Make sure you blend this outwards just past the edge of the brows this gives it that cat eye effect, the key with this look is to blend until your wrist hurts! Next i took Bitten by Makeup Geek and placed that in the outer part of the eyeshadow flick.. (dont know what to call it sorry) and the inner crease lightly joining it up as if it was a halo eye, aswell as this i smoked it under my eye connecting to the eyeshadow flick. On the centre of the lid close to the lash line i placed the shade 55 from inglot which is a golden bronze. In the water line and tight line i put my Lancome black pencil eye liner, then smoked it along my top lash line. Finish the eyeshadow look with a generous coating of mascara and a highlight in the inner corner to open up the eyes. In James’ look he is wearing falsies but i cant do them to save my life so im going to pretend i skipped them to make it more natural. 

Do your face makeup like normal but go to town on the contour and highligt, litterally guys it didnt pick up on the camera but i awas blinding. Oh also i wass watching this youtube video where they said a big makeup mistake was to blind people with highlight and classified it as the worse trend 2016!! I KNOW i was like dying!  Anyways freckles is one of the things James is known for and he rocks them! His are very bold and i sadly wasn’t brave enough for that so i died them down abit to make it more wearable but like i said if you’ve got balls rock heavy ones! To do this i took my anastasia dip brow in dark brown on a tiny morphe brush and dotted them all around my face. If you think they’re to dark lightly patting them makes them fade slightly.

Next i filled my brows in normally however using darker brow powder over my dip brow as his brows are very dark. 

For lips i picked two options a more casual one but still very James, then a diy one similar to the one in the inspo picture. 

1st Option…

So this is the classic red lip with a twist i took the red shimmery eyeshadow and placed it in the centre of my lips  with some gold to give it a metallic finish but keeping it classic and autumnal. 
2cnd Option…

The lip james was wearing was a matte grey brown. I dont have this colour (if you have one similar use that) so i decide to diy it! for this i took a matte browny grey eyeshadow and pressed that onto my lips over the top of a nude lipstick, and then cleaned it up with my foundation. 

Thankyou so much for reading and getting me to 950 followers that is literally ridiculous, i love you all so much have a lovely week! 

Love abi xx

Everyday makeup collab

Hey guys so this is my everyday makeup collab with the lovely @beautytriggers on instagram, go check out her channel its so amazing. She also has a blog called beautytriggers which is really funny so go show her some love please and tell her i sent you thank you guys!

So back to me i’m kidding i’m kidding, i’m not allowed to wear much makeup at school so i try to make my makeup a discreet as i can. You guys already know i’m a bit weird so this probably wont phase you but i like to theme my looks like if it’s winter ill wear a lazy/grundgy look, and in the summer i lean towards bronze and gold, but as it’s spring i thought of fresh and bright colours so i went for pinks and yellows. Snapchat-1861168633288117569

Starting off with my face base (loving the sound of that not going to lie) i prime my face with Nivea men post shave balm + hydrate. On top of that i used my  blemish ready powder foundation by Bareminerals, i swear by this foundation it makes my skin look wearable if that makes sense, but yeah it really is a life saver. I used to wear the original Bareminerals foundation which is just as good but the colour match isn’t as good so i wear it in the summer. I buff this all in then take a small concealer brush and buff some onto my spots.

Under my eyes i use my mac pro long wear concealer and bake it with baby powder. I lovee this hack it works so well and is so cheap! Also if anyone accidentally smells your face at least it’s going to smell nice ok that was a bit weird but yeah it’s amazing.

while this is baking i contour my cheeks and jaw to do this i use my seventeen thats brow kit, i use the powder by the way not the pencil or wax just because i think this is the perfect shade for my skin and is the best i’ve found. I have medium to dark by the way. I sometimes bronze my face but it wasn’t feeling it for my spring look so i just wore extra blush. For blush i use the Lancome blush in rose sable and just apply this to the apples of my cheek and where i would put bronzer on my cheeks. I now brush off the baby powder and apply the makeup revolution vivid baked highlighter in pink lights, i put this on the highest points of my face, most of it on my nose.


For my eyebrows i use Anastasia dip brow pomade in dark brow, i’ve just started using it so don’t judge if they’re are unfleeky it’s hard sorry. I use a Maybelline eye liner brush to apply them.

Next i do my eye makeup, for the base i put on my left over mac pro longwear concealer can i just say does a lot come out or is it just me?  I then use my naked 3 palette and put the shade liar on the outside and trick in the inner half. In the crease i put the same brow contour powder and blend blend blend. To highlight my brow bone and inner corner i use my white eyeshadow from body shop called dazzling sand. Then to finish it off i curl my lashes and put on my Maybelline lash sensational mascara on the top and bottom.


For my lips i went for a matte pink i used my mua lipstick in peechy keen, but first i lined my lips with my lancome lip liner sorry i don’t know the colour.


This is all i do for my school makeup hope you liked it sorry it wasn’t very interesting hope you have a lovely week!

love abi xx