why i started?

So i made a blog because i always saw people on instagram writing blogs but i never really understood how it worked so i thought ‘hey, what have you got to lose?’ and made an account to see how it went i guess, and i fell in love basically. I started out wanting to do youtube and was so set on it that every time i did my makeup or skin care routine i used to pretend i was in a video! So awkward i know but we’ve all done it once, anyways after i decided it wasn’t for me because i thought if i really wanted to do it why had i not done it before, so instead i tried blogging. Before i made my blog i started an instagram account i’m not insta famous, i’m not even close but i fell in love with the creativity and freedom of it and felt making a blog would suit my ideas, and i would be able to do a sort of youtube channel but written down.. if you get me? So thats why i created this blog might seem like i just told a massive story sorry, but i guess it is my blogs story really. I am so thankful for all of my lovely readers you mean the world to me.

love abi xx