No foundation glam

Hello my lovelies, long time no see, how are you all?

Im sorry i’ve been inactive for a while i’ve been super busy on other projects and GCSEs and silver DofE… but im back now so will be posting a lot more. Anyways dont want to bore you but i felt i needed to address my absence and apologise.

This is my no foundation but still glam makeup look for lazy days, or days you just want to let your skin breathe without looking 100% gross, Hope you enjoy…

This is my everyday makeup when i dont want to look like a gross egg, but want to let my skin breathe with no foundation. I start with my Radiance face wash by Burt’s bees then my Neal’s yard ‘Daily moisture’ so im glowy af because if im not going to wear foundation i want people to know im not.That sounds weird but do you get what i mean? Im like yes i have got foundation on but yeah i still look bomb it’s like a satisfaction thing… although i normally dont look bomb i look dead. Anyways the only other things i put on my face are some natural bronzer by Rimmel in sun bronze, my natural Lancome rose blush and my highlight.

For the glam part i like to wear bold but simple eyeshadow so i dusted a yellow eyeshadow from kiko in the shade 19 all over my lid. To darken the eyes i put tiki hut by makeup geek in my outer third, on my lower lash line and lightly in the crease. After some winged eyeliner (which is a killer to do) and some brown eyeliner in the water line, i top it off with mascara and bam it’s done. It is super simple and takes 5 mins max so i love it as im lazy, and its bold so looks like a tonne of effort when it really isn’t.

The last steps i do is put some Carmex on my lips and fill my eyebrows in like normal with my Anastasia dip brow in dark brown. Some days i will shove on a bold lip to but as i still have acne scaring a pink or red would bring out the colour of them making it more obvious. Plus not having a lip focuses the attention on my eyes not my naked skin, which is great and kind of what i want.

Thankyou for reading again im sorry ive been inactive for so long hope you have a lovely summer and week. love Abi xx

Sunset eyes 

Hello, how are you all i feel like this is majorly overdue sorry! But anyways im going to be doing my own take on the sunset eye however this will be using minimal and SUPER affordable products so you can slay without breaking the bank. That kind of sounded like cheesy advert sorry, but yeah lets go.

Im not going to show you my base because feel like ive told you a million times and its just boring really i certainly wouldn’t want to read me going on about it! So im just going talk you through the important bit, the eyes.

To start the eyes like i always do i slap on the urban decay primer potion in eden so i get a nice smooth base. For this look i only used 4 colours all from the drugstore apart from one sorry but its easy to find a variation so its super affordable. I first took the colour 19 from kiko which is a bright yellow in my crease and up to my brow bone, you want to get this high as it needs to be visible over the orange. then just above my crease i took the colour burnt from makeup obsessions which is a bright burnt orange as he name says and blended this in not going to high but blending it out with more yellow so there isnt and harsh lines. On a small blending brush i took bitten from makeup geek and put that right in the crease not blending it into the orange to much. for the lid shade i took wine n dine from my violet voss holy grail palette which is a beautiful pinky purple and buffed that out with bitten so there wasn’t a harsh colour difference. On my lower lash line i took bitten close to the lash line and the yellow shade to buff it out. i then applied a winged eyeliner bigger than normal and applied mascara added some inner corner highlight and bam, i was done.

Thankyou all for reading my summery looks, i want to get more creative with my look as why not so i will be shoving loads of colour and glitter on my eyes because being crazy is what life is all about! 

Have a lovely day, love abixx

Violet voss holy grail palette! 

Hello my lovelies sorry ive been gone so long ive been super busy and a rubbish blogger. This is my reaction to the Violet voss holy grail palette, which have been wanting for 2 years so its long awaited and i was very excited get this and use it. If youre like me from the UK then you cant order off the violet voss website so i got this on beauty bay and so didnt have to pay for shipping costs from america. Woo! Anyways this is the makeup look i created hope you enjoy. 

So first i primed my lid with urban decay primer potion in eden and then used the shade transition as well my transition. I then took the shade wine n dine and placed that all through the crease and building it up to the colour i wanted, then darkened the crease with a tiny bit bitten from makeup geek. For my lid shade i took cranberry splash and put that on the inner two thirds, to blend it into the look i took teddy bear on a tiny brush and buffed it into the colour and smoked to the outer corner. in the inner corner and brow bone i put crystal which would make a blinding highlight if only it was bigger. To finish i whacked on a wing which im not going to lie took blumin agess, then ran wine n dine and teddy bear on my lower lash line. 

Ok so as you know i have wanted this for years and it has always been sold out but i finally got my hands on it and im so happy i did because it has not dissapointed! I have sworn by makeup geek eyeshadows but this has replaced it as my everyday palette the colours are stunning the actual eyeshadows are so creamy and pigmented its amazing. If you were thinking of getting this palette i really would i cant fault it at all even the packaging is stunning and ladies its got a mirror! So do look into this i will do a different look using the browns and golds im just a red kinda gal so i first gravitated towards those. 

Thankyou so much for reading, sorry ive been so rubbish i will try and upload every week but every other week at the latest. Have a lovely day 
Love Abixx

Mad about glitter

Hello my lovelies, how are you all? So as many of you will know i lovee glitter and i wish i could wear it everyday but sadly that isnt the case, this is my glittery full face look i did for school dress up hope you enjoy.

Now i know people say glitter is annoying and trust me i know i will be glittery for weeks but its just so stunning and gives me so much confidence its worth it! I had a plan for insecure girls and boys to be honest to set up a day where we can just wear glitter and slay the world, how fun would that be? Anyways sorry for the weirdness im just very excited for this and loved creating it for you. 

I created three versions of this look to allow you to pick which style you want it in… like casualish? glam and super glam, let me know which one you like best in the comments, enjoy.

So the glitter looks hard but it really wasnt but it looked stunning even if i say so myself, and can i just say it was so quick! Pre warning it gets EVERYWHERE my whole floor was covered in glitter but i kinda loved it… Anyways i started with a glitter adhesive (which came in the ebay set) and placed that in a c shape above my cheek bones and temple. So the set came with about 20 pots of different shades of chunky glitter (heaven i know) so i picked a red with holographic green a brown gold, yellow gold and burnt orange then layered that around my face and wola i was done. 

First i started by priming my eyes with Urban Decay primer potion in Eden, then put unexpected by makeup geek in my crease. Using my Zoeva caramel melange palette i took Start soft and Alchemy in my crease, basically everything is just going in my crease sorry! Ok so i then took a small blender brush with Bitten on by makeup geek then cherry cola then vintage also by makeup geek. I next “cut my crease” with my mac pro long wear concealer and placed my gold strictly glitter on top, to finish i defined my crease with more vintage then made sure everything was blended seamlessly.

For my casual look i finish the eyes by appling my lash sensational mascara heavily to the top and bottom lashes. I then kept the look simple so it looked more casual but its clearly still glam by pairing it with a nude lip from MUA in the shade Totally nude. 

This look is more glam as its a bold lip i know the rule bold eye nude lip but ya know i like to do it my own way so i made everything on my face bold. For the lip i took my favorite lipstick in the shade 925 by kiko and set it to make it matte.

This is in my opinion the ultimate glam its the same as the last one i just added a winged liner and brown eyeliner in my lower lash line to make the eyes darker and really intense. 
I know their wasn’t much variation between the looks mainly because they were all the same with additions but i thought it would give you the option to chose how far they wanted to embrace the glitter. Have a lovely week, thankyou for reading

love Abixx

Who says you cant wear yellow? 

Hello ny lovelies so recently i was in kiko and i saw this bright yellow and i was just like i’ve got to have it its stunning! My mum said she didnt think it would suit me and it would look silly, so i decided to get it and prove her wrong and im so glad i did. 

This wont be everyones cup of tea as they say but hope you enjoy anyways.

First i started with my urban decay primer potion in eden then my bronzer as a transition colour. I blended tiki hut by makeup geek into my crease and half way across my lid. I darkened this with a dark orangy brown from my morphe 35W palette, then a cool toned brown colour on the outer corner of my eye. For the lid i took the shade 19 from kiko (the yellow), then a champagne high light in my inner corner also from kiko in the shade 16. To finish of i created a wing with my seventeen black eyeliner and tight lined my top and bottom lashes with a brown liner from maybelline in the shade matte occhi. After running tiki hut along my lower lash line i applied my lash sensational mascara and i was done. 

Thankyou for reading hope you enjoyed; oh and what would you like to see next a q&a or a challenge? 

Love abixx


Simple eyeshadows 2

​Hello my lovelies, how are you all? i decided to bring back the 3 simple eyeshadow looks as you guys all seemed to love them so i thought in honour of 1000 followers it would be perfect. YES i know right 1000 followers!!  I can’t thank you guys enough it is insane, i really dont know why you are all here but i’m so glad you are. Thankyou again! 

So as the point of this is the eyeshadow is simple and easy to recreate i’ve used only a few products and simple methods to keep it quick.

For the first look i created a pink toned casual glam eye look which in my opinion is vey minimal but is still gorgeous and look tricky even though its simple. I used urban decay primer potion in eden and then placed unexpected in my crease from makeup geek, next i used my naked 3 palette. Over the top of this i buffed in Nooner taking this in the outer third of my lid as well. Finally i put dust in my inner third and a makeup revolution peach lights on my inner corner,  and that is it super simple and quick.

For the next look and possiby the simplest after my primer potion  i put my natural bronzer from rimmel in the crease as a transition colour, then darkened it with a browny orange from my Morphe 35M palette. then for my lid colour i took my inglot eyeshadow i shade 157 all over the lid and lower lash line. With a pencil brush i put black on my outer rim and top lash line for subtle sexy smokeyness.  Finally i put a shimmery white shadow in the inner corner.

This look is still bronzey but darker so perfect for a more glam look but its still as easy. First i primed my eyes with urban decay primer potion in eden, for this look i will be using my Zoeva caramel melange palette, first i took the shade universal direct as transition shade then finish sensual on top of that and on the outer third of my lid. To darken the crease and lid i took edible gem and buffed than in until i got it as dark as i wanted. Also i ran that shade along the the lower lash line stopping half way and instead putting a shimmery white highlight. On the lid i put liquid centre then applied mascara and thats it. 

Thankyou so much for leading hope you enjoyed if you recreate any of them tag me in the photos on instagram, have a lovely day. Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR hope 2017 is good to you and you have an amazing year!!

love abi xx

Christmas party GRWM

​Hello my lovelies this is my christmas party look option 1, for those parties when glam is essential but you dont have much time. Im going to just skip straight into the tutorial hope you enjoy and MERRY CHRISTMAS, hope your tree is perfect and your lights dazzling that wasn’t meant to be an innuendo dont worry! 

AH i apologise for the very gross face and my pjs hope you enjoy anyways.

So first i started with the eyes and placed my naked skin concealer in fair all over my lids and set it as a base. I then put unexpected by makeup geek in my crease as my transition colour, on top of this i blended Nooner from the Naked 3 palette. for the main colour i put Makeup Geek’s Bitten in my crease and inner 3rd of my eye then smoked it out with a dark plum from my Morphe 35W palette keeping it concentrated in the outer crease. On the inner 3rd i placed a white reflective gold colour and put my gold glitter on top. 

Next i started doing my face i placed my natural collection green corrector on my spots which as you can see my face has decided on giving me loads of recently, lucky me right. Then i put my Morphe yellow corrector under my eyes. For foundation i used my Bareminerals original foundation and put this everywhere apart from underneath my eyes as its powder, then i use a smaller brush to cover blemishes with my foundation. Next i put my Naked skin concelear under my eyes on my nose and cupids bow then blend it out with my real techniques sponge. After setting this is i put on my Rimmel bronzer and then my Lancome blush. I attempted to slightly contour my nose which kind of failed but lets ignore that and move on to my highlight, so i tried a new makeup brand called Makeup Obsession called … and it is honestly stunning an the pigmentation is incredible! Anyways i placed it on my nose, cheek bones, tear duct brow bone and cupids bow. 

Next i did my brows like normal with my Anastasia dip brow in Dark brown and finished my eyes off with my lash sensational mascara. I also ran bitten along my lower lash line to tie the look together. My lips were very simple  just placed my Rimmel lip liner in shade 1 all over and left it at that.

Hope you enjoyed thankyou for reading love you all lots, have a lovely week.

Love you, abixx