Everyday makeup collab

Hey guys so this is my everyday makeup collab with the lovely @beautytriggers on instagram, go check out her channel its so amazing. She also has a blog called beautytriggers which is really funny so go show her some love please and tell her i sent you thank you guys!

So back to me i’m kidding i’m kidding, i’m not allowed to wear much makeup at school so i try to make my makeup a discreet as i can. You guys already know i’m a bit weird so this probably wont phase you but i like to theme my looks like if it’s winter ill wear a lazy/grundgy look, and in the summer i lean towards bronze and gold, but as it’s spring i thought of fresh and bright colours so i went for pinks and yellows. Snapchat-1861168633288117569

Starting off with my face base (loving the sound of that not going to lie) i prime my face with Nivea men post shave balm + hydrate. On top of that i used my  blemish ready powder foundation by Bareminerals, i swear by this foundation it makes my skin look wearable if that makes sense, but yeah it really is a life saver. I used to wear the original Bareminerals foundation which is just as good but the colour match isn’t as good so i wear it in the summer. I buff this all in then take a small concealer brush and buff some onto my spots.

Under my eyes i use my mac pro long wear concealer and bake it with baby powder. I lovee this hack it works so well and is so cheap! Also if anyone accidentally smells your face at least it’s going to smell nice ok that was a bit weird but yeah it’s amazing.

while this is baking i contour my cheeks and jaw to do this i use my seventeen thats brow kit, i use the powder by the way not the pencil or wax just because i think this is the perfect shade for my skin and is the best i’ve found. I have medium to dark by the way. I sometimes bronze my face but it wasn’t feeling it for my spring look so i just wore extra blush. For blush i use the Lancome blush in rose sable and just apply this to the apples of my cheek and where i would put bronzer on my cheeks. I now brush off the baby powder and apply the makeup revolution vivid baked highlighter in pink lights, i put this on the highest points of my face, most of it on my nose.


For my eyebrows i use Anastasia dip brow pomade in dark brow, i’ve just started using it so don’t judge if they’re are unfleeky it’s hard sorry. I use a Maybelline eye liner brush to apply them.

Next i do my eye makeup, for the base i put on my left over mac pro longwear concealer can i just say does a lot come out or is it just me?  I then use my naked 3 palette and put the shade liar on the outside and trick in the inner half. In the crease i put the same brow contour powder and blend blend blend. To highlight my brow bone and inner corner i use my white eyeshadow from body shop called dazzling sand. Then to finish it off i curl my lashes and put on my Maybelline lash sensational mascara on the top and bottom.


For my lips i went for a matte pink i used my mua lipstick in peechy keen, but first i lined my lips with my lancome lip liner sorry i don’t know the colour.


This is all i do for my school makeup hope you liked it sorry it wasn’t very interesting hope you have a lovely week!

love abi xx

Instagram hacks

Hey guys so i’m NO way and instagram expert far from it to be honest, but i know or i think i know how to make an account look good. Here are some hacks i know and think would be helpful to you so here it goes.

My first hack well it’s kind of a tip really but be nice everyone they’re one billion times more likely to follow and like your photos if you’re a nice person. By this i don’t mean like writing posts about how much you love them or sending them roses, but just like their posts comment on their photos let them know you like their account and most likely they will “return the love”. This is a great way to build up your followers and find more people online.

This is probably the most simple hack but it makes a massive difference to the overall appearance of your feed. Have a colour theme or a filter that you use all the way through, it just ties your photos together and makes it look so much put together.

The next thing you can do is put a marble tile or any tile behind your photos to make it more interesting and unique. If marble isn’t your thing you can use fabrics,magazines or just other patterned tiles patterned card also looks cute sometimes. You can get cheap marble tiles on ebay or general tile shops. That was sounded stupid of course you can get tiles at tile shops, and i wonder why i’m not in set one. I haven’t got a tile yet but i’m ordering on today so i will let you know how it turns out.

I only realised this recently but if you hold the photo down it shows you the original. By the way it only works if you’re still editing i know it sounds obvious but yeah it took me a while. Also linking to editing on instagram if you put your phone on airplane mode and click post after you edit a photo it automatically saves to your camera roll but doesn’t post. I use this a lot because editing apps use up space and that i could be using for anything so ya know its got your back.

If you are a filter user this tip is for you, if you click manage your filters then you can reorder them so the one you use most is at the top. This is helpful because then it saves you scrolling through them i use this because i’m lazy but back me up here who has got time for that. I mean i could probably take 20 selfies or a hundred depending on how quick i can move my thumb, i’d end up with like none at the end cause they’d all be awful but that’s not the point. To be honest i don’t use the filters #nofilters i’m kidding sorry but yeah i know a lot of people who do and find this hack really helpful.Screenshot_2016-02-22-11-56-00

By the way this is at the end of all your filters when you’re scrolling through just thought i’d say incase you are like me got confused.

Sorry guys this was a short one but thankyou so much for reading i know this isn’t the best post but i thought i’d get something out for you thankyou again hope you have a lovely day.

love abi xx

Makeup dos & donts


Girls we’ve all gone through rubbish makeup and looking like an orange and it sucked well at the time we thought we were amazing lets be honest but yh it was bad so this is for you guys that are starting out to maybe save you slightly. Btw im no makeup expert this is just some things ive found.

On camera the colours look the same but the foundation on the left was about 3 shades darker than my neck and looked very cakey. I think the seemingly sinplest is the hardest ive got about 5 foundations that are no where near my natural skin its hard to find the right match. A tip i have for this is..
☆trust your instincts if the shop lady gives you a shade that seems wrong dont be afraid to ask her to test it on you or swap it
☆test the foundation on your neck for the best colour match

☆dont go to bright! Use one two shades lighter than your natural skin



☆go light handed because you can always build it up

☆ find your “magic line”


(from the top of your ear to the nearest edge of your eye)
☆use a cool toned brown then warm up your face with a warmer colour

only the highest points of your face
☆dont use a too glitery one (unless that’s your thing then rock it!)

☆go a shade lighter than your natural brow hairs
☆DONT square off the start
☆apply most of the product at the end to make a gradient effect
☆follow your natural shape

Eye makeup
This really has no dont’s just
But go however bold or waky you want, its up to you

☆stop at the end of your iris (bit closest to your tear duct i literally had a debate with myself wether it was the start or the end)
☆look down when you do it
☆put your elbow on a table so you have a steady hand
☆put a nude of white on your water line to open up your eyes
☆dont over extend your wing (it has happend to all of us)

☆dont overline your cupids bow
☆overline the outer edge of your top lip for a more natural look
☆use a similar shade of lipstick


These are the dos & donts i came up with these may not suit everyone so play around with it. If you think i’ve missed any or know more please let me know thankyou for reading
Love abi xx

How to find your own style

Some of you may know what your style is,some may not care then some may not know and be curious like me. To be honest i don’t know what my own style is so writing this may be ironic but i felt i should help anyone thats wondering like i’m.

I tend to follow the trends most people do and its ok but i want something different to shop in less mainstream shops, to have unique clothes and make everyone go wow where did you get that. But looking for individual shops with out a style type is hard it doesn’t seem it but trust me i struggle. I don’t know if its just me that feels like this if you do please let me know i’m not the only odd one. I want to tell you the ways i’ve searched for my style type.

1) Quizzes i mostly do them for a laugh or if i have boy issues back me up girls we all do it be honest, however some can be really helpful. Some quizzes are very vauge focusing on the 5 most obvious style types gothic, preppy, girly, tomboy and sexy i found these unhelpful so kept looking and found some good ones. I will try and add a link in the comments if i find a better one but you may have to hunt around.

2) Trends this may not work for everyone but if it does its soo good. It may sound like a lot of effort but i promise if you stick to it, it pays off. So every time i found a trend i liked i wrote it down then after a while i started to see patterns which i put together and started to see the kind of clothes i was into. This helped me narrow down the types of clothes i like and was able to rule out a lot of styles like tomboy, gothic, preppy and boho. If you do try this out please let me know how it goes.

3) Finally shops if you find a less mainstream shop and you like mostly all of their clothes you can often look up the style they stock and find out that way. This is probably the most simple and effective but its finding the shop first that’s hard.

Guys you don’t have to have a style you can be a mix, i think thats what i am,  as long as you feel happy and confident that’s all that matters! If you are intressted i hope my tips help you in some way thank you for reading.
Love abi xx


             skin care/hacks

Hey guys so this is my first blog post i’m sorry its not going to be perfect but bare with me ill try my best. so i’m going to be talking about my skin issues and my holy grail products.

I struggle with my skin a lot and believe me i’ve tried EVERYTHING from products, hacks to even diet changes, as you can imagine the last one didn’t last very long, but now i’m happy with what i’m doing and have accepted my skin the way it is. I know a lot of you may also struggle with skin issues and yeah its a pain i know but theres no product out there that is going to make them disappear, but if you do have one please let me know! I know i spend a lot on skincare and its stupid in out lifetime the amount of money we’ve probably spent on it we could of gone on holiday instead! Ok probably not but my point is all the money in the world cant buy you clear skin so stop spending because you’re just wasting your money and time.

Before i tell you my routine my skin type is dry but blemish prone and they products i use aren’t just for my skin type but i had my type in mind when picking out these products.

The products i use…

Vichy Normaderm deep gel cleanser

Australian tea tree

Nivea men post balm+hydrate

i clean my face twice a day and apply tea tree twice as well or more depending what my skin is like on that day, but i only moisturize once.

Vichy cleanser is targeted at blemish prone skin and in my opinion does an amazing job; it doesn’t break me out and is by far my holy grail cleanser. Tea tree dries out the spots so i don’t moisturize on top because i think that would contradict the purpose of it. If you’re skin is really dry i would suggest moisturizing but it’s up to you. Tea tree is amazing you guys seriously i’ve tried about every spot zapper and this is the best i’ve found, i recommend it to anyone with blemish prone skin.

Everyone always says to me ‘eat less sugar’ ‘drink more water’ and it used to get on my nerves because i didn’t think i was doing anything wrong. I’m stubborn person when i want to be and i don’t like being wrong, but then to be honest who does? So i’m sorry guys i hate to admit it but its true it really does help and what they say is true, its made a massive difference to my skin and the way i feel. I now eat half as less sugar as before and (i have a sweet tooth so that is an achievement for me) drink 2 litres of water a day.

This was my skin about a year ago

 This is my skin today (its worse than normal because its that time of the month sorry) it’s mostly all scaring and in my opinion is a big difference.

i know it sucks listening to what people say but honestly other peoples advice is helpful, sometimes but in all seriousness i am very stubborn person and listening to people that have been through it before really helped me discover what worked best for me, and taught me to stop slapping on layers of products and let my skin breath.

Finally thank your skin as my mum says because once you accept your skin and start thinking positively it makes you feel a lot better in yourself, and it sounds weird but made my skin better to. My skin is my biggest insecurity but its getting better and yours will to but give it a chance because it wont happen overnight. No matter what you think to others your skin isn’t half as bad as you think you’re beautiful and i wish you could see that, this is getting cheesy sorry but it will get better if you believe it will.

Thank you so much for reading if you’d like to see me do a best/worst product review please comment below or if you have any other suggestions

love abi x