Casual Glam GRWM

Hello my lovelies, how are you all? Sorry it feels like ages since i’ve sat down and written a blog for you guys last time i did it i was doing my GCSEs now its thr summer holidays! Woo i love summer ice creams, beaches, parties, the clothes i mean guyss whats not to love comment your favorite season below. Anyways this is my current casual glam makeup it’s kind of my everyday makeup but i dont wear full makeup everyday if i do this is what i go for. 

So first i start with my naked face my skin isn’t perfect but oh well its a working progress ive just changed my diet if that works (fingers crossed it does) i could do a in depth post on that? After washing and moisturizing my skin i move onto foundation. For foundation i use Urban Decay Naked skin foundation in shade 1. 

I use 2-3 pumps of foundation all together depending on the coverage i need i normally build it up in the area i need most coverage. Then i go over my blemishes with mac prolong wear concealer. I then colour correct under mt eyes with an orangey concealer from the morphe 15  concealer pallete, with the same palette i also cream contour. Then set my face with my lancome face powder. Next i move onto the brows i know bit of a random order i fill them in with Anastasia dip brow in dark brown and spoolie them through.I think i probably said that in the wrong terms but sounds kind of cool. 

Next i move on to my beloved rimmel natural bronzer in the shade sun bronze and define my cheeks more with the shiny bronze shade in my makeup revoltion palette golden sugar. And highlight with the white highlight from the same palette. For my blush i take the pink shade in my lancome eye set box thingy (rubbish description but you’ll see it in the photo) 

Finally i move onto my eyes i use my new shades from inglot that i am in love with! I take the shade 157 (the red one) on my urban decay eyeshadow brush and buff this into the crease applying more until i reach the desired level of pigmentation. Although it anmoyingly doesnt show in the photos my crease was as red as the swatch i did on my arm. Next i take the golden orange shade number 55 in the outer third of my eye and on the middle third the shade 463 the softer gold creating an ombre effect with the peachy gold shade 9 in my inner corner. I finish with several coats of my maybelline luscious lash sensational mascara. And the same high light i used on my face to highlight my eyebrows. Before applying mascara to my bottom lashes i apply that red shade on the outer third on my lower lash line fading it towards the inner corner. 

(Swatches in order of shade use) 

As this is casual glam i normally finish my lips off with my snoopy carmex. Thankyou all for reading my next blog post will be between a tea party get ready with me a festival makeup look or a full face challenge video if you have any prefrences please let me know, because im a rubbish decider. Thankyou for reading have a lovely evening and week.

Love abi xx

37 thoughts on “Casual Glam GRWM

  1. Wow~ I love your makeup look, and your eye shadow blend looks fantastic! Your look looks natural but at the same time stunning.
    Great blog post!
    Sending love,

    Liked by 2 people

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