Festival makeup

Hello my lovelies, how are you all? At festivals glitter is your best friend and the bolder the makeup the better, nothing is to much! So this year i went to a local festival near me called latitude and had the time of my life. Comment below if you went to a festival, if so which one. I camped there for 4 days and this was one of my looks i hope you all enjoy.

For this makeup as there is alot of glitter its best to start with the lips and eyes. Bit of a weird order but i found it worked best. So for the eyes i primed them with my mac pro long wear concealer amd set them with my translucent powder. Then i put a burnt orange in my crease and created a wing with my maybelline 24hr colour tattoo in the shade endless purple, bit of a random colour i know but it made the blue pop so i went with it. Over the top of this i used one of my strictly pigments in sky blue to set it. After the face we will come back to the eyes. 

Next i did the lips i outlined them and filled them in with the same maybelline colour tattoo as it is a cream eyeshadow the glitter sticks to it i used this as an alternative as i didnt want to use glue on my lips. I covered my lips with dark blue glitter also from a strictly set making sure to be carefull not to slip, as im not a fan of a blue moustache. I then cleaned the edges up using my foundation. 

Now for the fun bits i used my rimmle natural bronzer on the perimeter of my face focusing on my non existent cheek bones, then went over it with my shimmer bronzer from my makeup revolution palette in golden sugar; from the same palette i took the highlighting blush shade and the purple highlighter and mixed them together to create a blush/highlight. For more highlight because my life goal is to blind people, i took the white highlight from that palette and put it in all the places id previously placed the concealer, so pretty much everywhere to be honest. Then i took my body shop roll on glitter and placed that on my cheek bones and a tiny amount on my nose. I didnt want to have coloured glitter on my face as the eyes and lips where the main attraction, however this glitter does have a blue and purple reflect.

Now back to the eyes i placed the orange i used in my crease on the lower lash line and then covered that in the blue pigment, this turned out a aqua colour however you sadly cant see it from the pictures. For the inner corner i used the same white hightlight and a bit if the glitter. Finally i coated my lashes in my maybelline lash sensational mascara then filled in my eyebrows like normal and that was it. If you want a more indepth routine of the brows i have a blog post on it. 

Thankyou all for reading, i wont be active for a while as im away for another week with no wifi (this post was pre uploaded) but have a lovely week love you all thankyou! 

Love abi xx

66 thoughts on “Festival makeup

  1. I love your makeup!!!!!!!!!!!!! Makeup is my life and you made it better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your soooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish i could be like you!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

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      1. Try using a bit of talc/baby powder, let it sit for a bit and then dust it off. Works like a charm — most of the time anytime. All else fails, tape will do the trick πŸ™‚ (I’m coming from my theatre props manager experience, so you’re in good hands lol)

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